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Managing your exhibit services vs. outsourcing it?

What’s the major difference between managing your exhibit services vs. outsourcing it? The answer is simple, What’s your time worth? Do you have 2-3 days to dedicate to show preparations? The major advantage of a turn-key solution is that the exhibit house will handle all the service orders, logistics and coordination for you for a […]

Make Your Trade Show Plan More Productive

If you have any plans on attending a trade show in the upcoming year, the time to start planning is now. Anyone who is planning on displaying an exhibit, sponsoring one or simply attending a trade show can benefit by taking some preliminary steps in the months leading up to the show. Ideally, trade show […]

What is the Role of Good Exhibition Stand Builders?

Exhibitions are for attracting the target audience and so they have to be on the larger scale. These days you will see that many companies take part in exhibitions so as to exhibit their products and services. So, here comes the role of exhibition stand builders. If you are a business and have been looking […]